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This entry was posted on 5/17/2007 8:44 AM and is filed under Miscellany.

A lawsuit filed on Tuesday in King County Superior Court (Seattle):
Zango Inc. v. PC Tools Pty Ltd.

5/15/2007 07-2-15844-8 CBC

Complaint for injunctive relief and tortious interference with business expectancy. The plaintiff’s software, which “has been consensually installed by millions of users,” is being destroyed by the defendant’s “Spyware Doctor Starter Edition” application. The application does not give users specific warning that Zango’s software will be deleted. The defendant’s product has been distributed as part of a “Google Pack” of software tools, causing the plaintiff “irreparable harm.” The plaintiff seeks at least $35 million in damages.

I won’t comment on this dispute, except to say that in the future, users will demand (1) greater disclosure and (2) greater control over what is installed and how exactly to uninstall what was installed.