Seattle Blawger Meetup

I really enjoyed last week's Seattle blawger meet up. It was great to see a bunch of Seattle law bloggers and twitterers. (In attendance: Colette, Mike Atkins, Bruce Johnson, Tonya Gisselberg, Heather Morado, Asher Bearman, Ziff, Brian Rowe, Joe Skocilich, the 'other Kevin' from LexBlog, Eric Goldman, William Carleton, Josh King, and Mark Britton.) 
I'm not sure what it is, but I've always enjoyed meeting law bloggers (and bloggers generally). Lawyer gatherings tend to be relatively mundane and mostly unenjoyable affairs, but law blogger gatherings are different. There's something about a law blogger's personality perhaps that makes finding common ground easier?  On thing is for sure, it's the most painless form of networking that exists (in the lawyering world). 
Here's @wac6's recap: "Last Night's Tweetup for Seattle Blawgers." (Thanks to Avvo for hosting.)  [Do we look like a bunch of gangsters, or what? Check out the picture below:]

On a related note, I also enjoyed meeting Eric Goldman in person last week. It's funny to meet someone in person that you've exchanged thousands of emails with. This isn't the first time I've experienced this but there's that feeling of wondering whether the person will match up in person to their 'online personality'. Sort of a professional version of meeting someone in an online dating context after you've corresponded with them a bunch (in this case, a ton). Eric is great. Very fun to hang out with. He treated me to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant and to gelato (and they say blogging isn't profitable!).
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