Survey Says?

I swore off (and cut short my brief foray into) blogging about the future of the legal practice, but this deserves a comment. Apparently someone conducted a survey about where people look for legal services and a very low percentage of people use online sources to find a lawyer. Shockingly, most people - rather than searching online - ask a trusted source for a referral. People "consult" websites - 20% consult Facebook, 15% blogs, and 9% Twitter (??). The survey had a bunch of other facts and figures and if you're curious, you can access the survey here [pdf]: "Perspectives on Finding Personal Legal Services."

The kicker? The survey was conducted by polling people over land lines:
The survey of more than 1,000 adults was conducted through land line telephones. The results could be different if cellphone users were surveyed, the standing committee report cautions.
What forward thinking organization would conduct a survey by interrupting good people on their home phones when they are eating dinner to ask about where and how they shop for legal services? That would be the American Bar Association!
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