Texting Fountain Lady Mulls Lawsuit

I missed the video when it first came out but apparently a woman was walking while texting in a mall and fell into a fountain. She got up, brushed herself off, and went about her merry way . . . but the video of her texting while walking and falling into a fountain went viral (to the tune of 1.6 million views on Facebook and YouTube).

Mediaite reports that she's mulling her options and considering a lawsuit: "Fountain Lady Wants Revenge."  My immediate reaction is: "she wants to bring even more ridicule on herself by suing?" But others pointed out that it may not have been proper for the security guards to release the video.

The only problem with the texting fountain lady is that she can't make up her mind as to what went wrong and why anyone should be held liable. Reading Eagle reports ("1 Step Leads Fountain Girl to Unwanted Fame") that one of her qualms is that the security guards were unprofessional and enjoyed a laugh at her expense, rather than helping her:
'My issue is I don't think security was professional because they didn't send anyone to check on me until 20 minutes later and I had already left,' Cathy said Wednesday in her first interview since the accident.
[via dlisted: "The Texting Fountain Lady Comes Out"] They didn't do the right thing, but their conduct hardly seems tortious. The mall/security company is investigating whether the release of the video violated any policy - I'm guessing they'll end up disciplining the security personnel involved.

As to her claim that the security guards improperly released the video, if you watch the video, you can't recognize her from it. Although the facts aren't clear, she seems to be the one that connected the dots between her and the video, by coming forward. She does state in one of her interviews that after the incident, a friend of her who watched the video called her to ask if she was OK. Apparently, the friend recognized the way she "walks"? (??)

We'll have to wait to see what happens, but her potential for a lawsuit is not looking so good right out of the gate.

Update: "texting fountain lady's problems bigger than YouTube fame."

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